Culinary Instructor

Giasou! Welcome!

Maria Benardis of Greekalicious has instructed at many venues both in Australia and the USA. These include the Intuitive Well in Sydney, Australia. The Brooklyn Kitchen, The Natural Gourmet Institute, Cozymeal, Cocusocial, and Haven’s Kitchen in NYC.

She also conducts cooking classes online. You can take these classes from the comfort of your own home or workplace.

Maria adopts and intuitive approach to cooking. Letting the senses and the soul guide every step of the cooking process and using only certified organic ingredients wherever possible. Health and Wellness Tips are also shared!

You can book Maria by contacting her on our contacts page.

Maria also conducts private intimate intuitive cooking class that get you to the heart of authentic Greek food ingredients, techniques, history, wisdom and class ngi 7

Sit back, relax, enjoy the journey and immersion therapy.

The Greekalicious cooking classes are authentic with modern Greek food ensured to spark your appetite and inspire your cooking.

Everyone is invited to participate in the cooking class and afterwards you’ll taste each sensational dish by sitting down to a casual Greek food feast. Let me say this is a full sit-down meal and you won’t feel hungry after a Greekalicious cooking class.

You can book Maria by contacting her on our contacts page.

At Greekalicious we care about you and your health.

We cook with ingredients that are respectful and loving to you and the environment. 

We use seasonal certified organic ingredients wherever possible and ingredients that are GMO-free

We use certified Greek organic extra virgin olive oil from Greece the origins of olive oil making in all our cooking and not the unhealthy cotton seed, canola, soy and vegetable oils that many other eating establishments use. 

We strive to be and to provide the best cooking classes when it comes to the use of quality ingredients, good energy and service.  

Above all we practice an Ancient Greek tradition of cooking with “agapi” (Unconditional Love) and harmony. We cook all our dishes adopting the healing Ancient Greek wisdoms and philosophies that lead to harmonious health and longevity.

Menus subject to change. Please advise us of any dietary requirements so that we can accommodate. Many of our dishes can be accommodated to be vegetarian, vegan friendly and gluten free.