Greekalicious Greek Dinners

Maria Benardis and Greekalicious are hosting a number of themed dinners in NYC, USA.

The dinner also includes storytelling and lively conversation on each dish. A mix of mythology, philosophy, humor and Ancient Greek healing wisdom.





At Greekalicious we care about you and your health.

We cook with ingredients that are respectful and loving to you and the environment. 

We use certified organic ingredients wherever possible and ingredients that are GMO-free. We also use authentic ingredients from Greece to heighten the experience and energy.

We use certified Greek organic extra virgin olive oil from Greece the origins of olive oil making in all our cooking and not the unhealthy cotton seed, canola, soy and vegetable oils that many other eating establishments use. 

We strive to be and to provide the best quality dinner experience when it comes to the use of quality ingredients, and service.  

Above all we practice an Ancient Greek tradition of cooking with “agapi” (Unconditional Love) and harmony. We cook all our dishes adopting the healing Ancient Greek wisdoms and philosophies that lead to harmonious health, energy and longevity.

Menu subject to change.

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Venue: Natural Gourmet Institute

48 W 21st #2 St New York, NY 10010

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“I can’t praise you enough and what a feast it was!

I really believe in what you do, more so, after the dinner. I felt so full but I felt lighter and happier after the meal. In fact I was still full the morning after but I felt content. It was almost a spiritual feeling and something I can’t explain well.

Thank you again from the bottom of my belly!!!” – Vipp Jaswal – Fox News Radio.