The Health & Faith Show – 28 November 2020

In this Episode we discuss SUPRESSED HEALTH RELATED DISOVERIES such as med beds, cancer cures, diabetes cures and pain relief. We also share Ancient Greek practices and tools for a healthy mind.

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Human ageing process biologically reversed in world first with a therapy used by astronauts and deep-sea divers

Dr. Burzynski, a nationally and internationally recognized physician/investigator, pioneered the use of biologically active peptides for the treatment of cancer.

Short-term probiotics therapy found to reverse signs of gout, metabolic syndrome and kidney disease

Previous eposiode – Hydroxychloroquine Cures Type 2 Diabetes – Vishaka, Jain. OP Gupta, Dept of Medicine, MGMIS, India.

Remote control of blood sugar: Electromagnetic fields treat diabetes.

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The Awakening – Patrick Patrikios