The Health and Faith Show – Episode 3, with Maria Benardis & Denise Mccubbin

New updates, EXPOSE on organized religions and their future.

This Episode focuses on what’s new in the USA, Canada and Australia. We have an EXPOSE on organized religions and question their future going forward. We also explore how the Ancient Greeks connected to the source of all things; the Monad (GOD)

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Maria’s Online Workshop Released – Ancient Greek Secrets to Health, Happiness & Harmony

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US Marshal Arrests:

Melbourne Lockdown – Assistant commissioner Victoria Police

CDC: Dining Out Among Riskiest Activities During COVID-19 Pandemic

Lots of Resignations etc. happening around the world. E.G.

New York Times critic Ben Brantley to step down

Rochester PD’s ‘entire command staff’ retires amid protests: mayor

First Court Case to Challenge Masks!

Media from the Vatican

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