The Health and Faith Show – Episode 5, with Maria Benardis & Denise Mccubbin

The Health & Faith Show – Episode 5, NESRA/GESARA, managing change in our lives, a time of transformation, and more

The Episode focuses on what’s new in the USA, Canada and Australia.

We also cover NESRA/GESARA related updates, managing change in our lives, a time of transformation – how our lives have been transformed, how to know thyself and more.

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-Global banks hit by new corruption allegations.

-President says, Saddam Hussein did not knock down the World Trade Center – Sept 16 interview on ABC President with George Stefanopolis…passing comment…

-Nevada is now the 7th state to quietly reverse their decision to block HCQ prescriptions for COVID-19. Physicians in Nevada can now once again prescribe HCQ as they deem necessary. – Dr. Simone Gold

US Postal Service Files A Patent For Voting System Combining Mail And A Blockchain–voting-system-combining-mail-and-a-blockchain/

US President Donald Trump’s speech at UN General Assembly – put them in their box – lost direction and not working for their people / peace focus

U.S. military to cut in half troop deployment in Iraq. Troops will be cut to 3,000 service members.

Trump promises to provide school choice to every parent in America if reelected

In Conversation with Kristalina Georgieva on Pursuing a Green Economic Recovery – Stressed going Green and resilience….indicated old ways were fake so to speak and  going green in new ways.

Westpac to pay record $1.3bn fine after money laundering and child exploitation investigation

Victorian Health Minister Jenny Mikakos resigns

President Trump addressed the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast by video and announced he will be “signing the Born-Alive Executive Order to ensure that all precious babies born alive—no matter their circumstance—receive the medical care that they deserve.”

35 Missing Children Recovered & Permanent Unit Established in Northern Ohio

Justice Department Awards Nearly $101 Million to Combat Human Trafficking

Hundreds Charged Worldwide In Takedown Of Largest Child Pornography Website – Darknet websites

Nine men are arrested as police smash one of Australia’s biggest sex rings – as cops reveal ‘children were being raped and filmed’ in the town where William Tyrrell went missing

Senate report links Hunter Biden to trafficking ring

The Clinton Foundation Is Now Morphed into a Criminal Investigation by US Attorney John Durham

FBI official on Mueller team said Flynn prosecution had ‘get Trump’ attitude, collusion probe was ‘not there’ FBI official William Barnett was assigned to lead the bureau’s original investigation into Michael Flynn. ‘Trump Was Right’: Explosive New FBI Texts Detail Internal Furor Over Handling Of ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ Investigation

AG Barr: Coronavirus lockdowns “greatest intrusion on civil liberties” since slavery

Justice Dept. brands NYC an ‘anarchist jurisdiction,’ targets federal funds

Two Massachusetts doctors charged with criminal neglect for 76 coronavirus deaths at veterans’ home

Executive Order on An America-First Healthcare Plan

CDC abruptly removes guidance about airborne coronovirus transmission

Not a single person has died from the virus in Toronto in September says Ezra Levant Rebel News

Ontario hospitals to lay off over 100 Nurses

UN forced to admit Gates funded vaccine is causing polio outbreak in Africa

Breaking News they are making it legal to force self isolation in Ottawa


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