Cannabis has a long history of use, both medicinal and recreational, in Greece. In Ancient Greece cannabis had a place in the Greek home and Pharmacopeia. CBD/Hemp was a therapy incorporated in everyday life. It was also used in textiles and for clothing. A far cry from the toxic fabrics used now days.

Herodotus informs us that the: “plant grows both wild and under cultivation, and from it the Thracians make garments very like linen. Unless someone is very expert, he could not tell the garment made of linen from the hempen one. Someone who has never seen hemp would certainly judge the garment to be linen”.

The Greek knowledge of the plant went far beyond its use as a fiber. Medical CBD was used for a variety of ailments and conditions treated ranged from earaches to edema (Edema is swelling caused by excess fluid trapped in your body’s tissue).

Circa 450-420 BCE, Herodotus – a historian and contemporary of Socrates – wrote of the use of hemp, stating that the ancient Scythians added the seeds to red-hot rocks to smoke in their bathhouses, which made them “shout for joy.” There is evidence that these same people used the seeds (referring to the flowering tops) as offerings to the tombs of royalty.

Specifically, Herodotus writes: “The Scythians take the seed of this hemp and, creeping under the mats, throw the seed onto the stones as they glow with heat. The seed so cast on the stones gives off smoke and a vapor; no Greek steam bath could be stronger. The Scythians in their delight at the bath howl loudly. This indeed serves them instead of a bath, as they never let water near their bodies at all…”

Hesychius said the Thracian women made sheets of hemp. The Greek biographer and moralist Plutarch (17-46 BC) wrote that after eating a meal the Thracians would throw the flowers of a plant (“which looked like oregano”) into the fire inhale the fumes until they fell asleep.

Homer in The Odyssey (4: 219-232) mentions that Helen employed a mysterious drug called Nepenthe (“Against sorrow”) to revive a party that had slipped into mourning over the lost hero Odysseus. It is believed that Nepenthe was cannabis resin. The drink was described as a “healing drink which brings forgetfulness of all past evils”.

CBD was also used to treat horses injured in battle. The roots of the plant were used to heal and provide burn relief. Leaves could be used as a remedy for sores on horses as well as to treat nosebleeds in humans. Seeds from the plant could be used successfully on patients suffering from tapeworms. Another use developed by the Greeks was that the seeds and leaves of Cannabis plants were steeped in water or wine. This drink was given both as a general pain discomfort, and also as a treatment for constipation and overall good health. The Greeks also used the plant in baths.

Dioscorides wrote in Book III of the “Materia Medica”:

“Kannabis; is a plant of much use in this life for the twisting of very strong ropes, it has leaves like to the Ash, of a bad scent, long stalks, empty, a round seed, which being eaten of reduces sexual activity, but being juiced when it is green is good for the pains of the ears.”

Additionally, he wrote: “The root (boiled and applied) is able to lessen inflammation, dissolve oedema, and disperse hardened matter around the joints. The bark of this is suitable for twining ropes. It is also called hydrastine”.

The Science

CBD helps support our Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The ECS consists of mainly CB1 and CB 2 receptors. They are in our gut brain and throughout our body. CBD works with our bodies ECS to support a state of homeostasis. This includes supporting our mood, memory, sleep and more. By adding CBD to your routine you help your ECS.

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My personal experience

CBD Oil has been my saving grace. It was one of the additions in my life to help me lift my vibration, calm me and to help heal my cysts and respiratory issues. I continue to take CBD oil (I love the cinnamon flavor) daily alongside my CBD and Turmeric Soft gels and CBD Chaga Mushroom coffee. I always have CBD with melatonin on hand when I am having issues with sleep.

I also enjoy bathing with CBD bath balls as they Ancient Greeks did.

Not all CBD Oils are alike. Many use poor manufacturing techniques and cheap carrier oils.

As a side note did you know that CBD vibrates on the frequency of AGAPI (Unconditional Love). An even better reason to include it on your life.

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