“When buying your ingredients choose with mindfulness and heartfulness”. Maria Benardis

“When you respect yourself and nature you eat respectful foods from respectful sources”. Maria Benardis

 The father of medicine, Hippocrates once shared the wise words – “Let medicine be the food and food thy medicine”. Fortunately when these wise words were said in Ancient Greece the ingredients were treated with respect and not riddled with chemicals and pesticides like they are nowadays.

When shopping for your ingredients do you genuinely know what you are buying? Is the apple you are about to enjoy really just an apple or has someone in the supply chain added a few complimentary chemicals that you are not aware of? Has the ingredient been handled with respect from its source to the supermarket? It’s comforting to know that certified organically grown ingredients do not come with these surprising and harmful add-ons.

I am an advocate and supporter of the slow food movement. The slow food movement is a movement that consists of a worldwide network of people that believe in growing food in a sustainable and respectful way. Ingredients grown free of pesticides and chemicals; the organic way as nature had intended. They also advocate for truthful labeling.

Chemicals or pesticides should not be used on ingredients and if they are then they should be clearly labeled and outlined so that consumers are aware. Would you voluntarily spray insecticide on your food before you eat it? So why are we letting others do this for us and then paying them and thanking them to do so? It is not surprising that we have so many unexplainable cancers and unhappy people in this world.

I too suffered ill health for many years due eating these types of foods. The combination of not dealing with my emotional childhood abuse and eating chemical riddled food resulted in cysts all over my body including my lungs. I had to have ¾ of my left lung surgically removed along with cysts in other areas of my body.

Would you buy these ingredients?

Chemicals, genetically modified (GMO) and pesticides interfere with the energy flow and DNA of the living being; the ingredient. They alter the harmonious balance of the ingredient and when consumed alters our harmonious and peaceable balance and can make us ill physically and emotionally. It is important to be aware of this “impact imprint”™ that ingredients can have on us and the environment. Chemicals, GMO etc also alter the energy “impact imprint” ™ attached to the ingredient and the environment. The manner in which an ingredient has been treated also leaves a positive or negative “impact imprint”™. For example how was the chicken raised before it or its eggs ended up on your dinner plate? Was it raised in a fun loving outdoor environment or was it raised in a small constrained cage and fed chemically ridden feed? The first chicken will have lots of healing, loving and harmonious energy and the second one unloving, and unhappy energy you should avoid. This unwanted energy is then absorbed into our body when consumed and can make us unbalanced, unhappy and ill.












Photos from:www.copyright-free-pictures.org.uk and http://www.animalactivism.org/

Which chickens eggs would you rather be eating?

Let’s all make informed conscious decisions to buy ingredients that respect us and nature; good clean organic ingredients that nourish, enhance and restore the balance and harmony in your body and ensure good health physically and emotionally. Consuming ingredients with unbalanced energy, that are not peaceable and have unloving energy causes disharmony in our body and soul and will eventually lead to ill physical, emotional and happy health.

Governments have a duty of care to look out for our health however they are failing to fulfill this role. Unfortunately we cannot rely on them to do this job so we have to accept responsibility. We have to become consciously aware about our choices, do our own research and choose to eat clean, good energy and harmonious food.

Always consider the effect your food choices have on the environment not just on you. When we love ourselves; we eat ingredients that are loving and kind to our body and soul and that are good for us and the environment.

Always buy ingredients wherever possible from sources that care about you and the environment and make good, clean products. Making these conscious buying choices sends a clear message about the type of food you expect and how you wish to be treated. If we did not buy from these sources then they would quickly get the message or go out of business. You are worthy and you deserve the best. You deserve food that is good for you, clean and healing.

Some may argue that organic food is expensive. You have a choice. You can choose to invest the extra money now in good health or later, on doctors and medical bills. Which do you choose?

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