“Food for Thought – it starts with the Ingredients, Honesty, Ethics and Global Respect.”Maria Benardis

I recently wrote to Senator Nick Xenephon about the misleading and deceptive labeling that we have here in Australia. It becomes a serious health issue in some cases when consumers are eating food that is riddled with chemicals that they are not made aware of. This is one of the many reasons why I use organic ingredients wherever possible. Organic food is also made using sustainable methods that are respectful to the environment and that do not leave a negative imprint.

I think it is important for all us to stand up and be counted and to write to Government and to our local members of parliament (MP) urging them to change the Laws. Our Laws need to make it compulsory for labeling to disclose the exact country of origin (rather than loose terms such as imported ingredients), the chemicals used and other relevant information for consumers to make an informed choice.

I am urging everyone to please take the time to write to Government and to their local MP and to demand that food products that are sold in this country have at the very least labels that are not misleading and deceptive. Most importantly the use of chemicals and pesticides urgently needs to be reduced or ideally eliminated. If you care about what you put into your body and the environment then please write and make your voice be heard.

Did you also know that?

-Authenticity of products and respecting their authentic protected origin only exists in the European Union. This explains why there are so many poor quality varieties of feta, parmesan and other PDO items.

-Do you really know where your olive oil is coming from? We have recently seen numerous press coverage on the blending of olive oils. For example it is not unusual to find Greek or Spanish olive oil bottled as Italian.

Proper labeling will ensure that the community can make more informed and ethical choices. I believe it will also take the pressure off our health system as people move away from buying products riddled with chemicals that have in most cases proven to add to many illnesses that people are experiencing.