I wanted to thank everyone who sent me emails and letters to share with me their hear felt gratitude for my book “My Greek Family Table”. I feel touched that I have inspired so many of you to follow your dream and to get back into the kitchen and cook. Taking the big leap from being a tax accountant to a career in food was an easy decision to make but I faced many challenges and obstacles with the transition. I found writing a good healer and my book was also my personal awakening. I hope by sharing my stories in my book and on this blog that I can help others to overcome any obstacle life brings your way and to provide some comforting words. Challenges help us realise what is truly important in life and what things or people in life we need to let go. I remember speaking to one agent who said that my book did have much potential and that it was not a publishable product. I pushed on and did not let their comments bring me down. It is these challenges/rejections that the universe brings our way to make us search from within to connect to our true self and to our source. Stay positive, keep laughing and never stop dreaming…you become what you dream!!! Never give up and never lose faith!!

In the words of one of my favourite philosophers Aristotle:

“Happiness is an expression of the soul in considered actions.”, Aristotle.

Below is a sample of some of the lovely emails I have received about my book that I wanted to share with you:

“I have just read your book My Greek Family Table (I read cookbooks like novels) and it reminded me of so many wonderful family food times, it brought tears to my eyes and stirred up emotions I thought I had long buried.  Thank you for the connection…..I too am trying to find my way in the food world as you did in 2004 perhaps St. Fanourios will help me find my way too. With Thanks and wishing you every success. Despina”

 “This is a big thank you for your beautiful book and for such a personal touch in the signing of it, I received it on Friday and it was such a lovely surprise, I sat down and read it all the way through (not the recipes as yet) and thoroughly enjoyed all the personal family stories it brought back lots of memories for me of my time in Greece all those years ago, I love the use of the embroidery as background wallpaper in the book. I am going to read this book again and again and really savour all the stories and recipes….I could go on and on but will restrain myself to just saying thank you once again, this is a book I will always treasure. As I think Michael mentioned to you I also enjoyed your interview on Talking Heads immensely. Kind Regards and I wish you Kalli orexi. Dale”

“Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say I was given your cookbook as a baptism present on Sunday (I converted to Greek Orthodoxy) and I absolutely love it!  There is so much I still have to learn about ‘honest to goodness’ Greek cooking and I think this is the best place for me to start. The stories that you have interspersed throughout the recipes are so touching and I have been getting much joy out of recounting each one to my (Greek) boyfriend.  He was particularly buzzed out by the spoon sweets section and it took him back to his childhood visits to people’s houses.  Also, in a funny coincidence for us the Greek Orthodox name chosen for me was actually the same as your grandmother – Amalia.Camille”.

“I had the privilege of receiving your cook book for my birthday. Reading your book I have not stopped crying! I do not know you but it is so positive to see a young beautiful Greek Woman achieving so much in Australia. Kindest regards, Martha”

 “As a present I received the book My Greek Family Table. A big thank you to all involved we have really enjoyed the book and there are lots of dishes we are planning to try. We have already tried the Moussaka really nice to have the different vegetables when previously I have only used egg plant. So now it is time to be a little more experimental and try some different dishes. We really enjoyed the “personal  type” input into the book. The little stories that were interspersed amongst the recipes and the personal touches are really excellent E.g. Aunt Stavroula and the three ladies who shared their recipes and stories  they were most enjoyable and took the book from being just another recipe book.  The photography and set out were just perfect!! Well done to all….”Vivienne”

 “THANK YOU for the wonderful book you have given us and sharing your personal stories and most impressive recipes. I am so excited at the fact that I have discovered recipes that use Avgotaraho and Bastroma. I think it’s a book for every Greek family home. In fact, I purchased a copy for my parents and my in-laws for Christmas. I find your hard work, dedication, persistence for your passion and especially your spirituality enviable but most importantly inspiring. Helene”