The ideas behind “Cooking & Eating Wisdom for Better Health” and what I would like people to takeaway after reading the book.

Cooking & Eating Wisdom for Better Health teaches people how to cook intuitively using healing ingredients that harmonize your body and mind. In turn cooking and eating will become a time to celebrate, a joyful experience, a time to deeply connect with yourself, a time to awaken to new experiences and to heal. I want to encourage people to explore and rediscover how to use nature for personal healing instead of solely relying on medicine and pharmacies.

I have arranged the chapters in my book around the ideas the book explores through the  adoption of ancient Greek wisdoms and philosophies. In chapters such as Spiritually Connect with Your Senses When Cooking, I refer specifically to the dietary routines of the Ancient Greeks, where their very methods of cooking were directly connected to pleasure and happiness. Cooking is not about measurements and precision, it’s about connecting to the ingredients, nature and yourself.


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Other chapters in the book and a quote from the chapter include:

-The Most Important Ingredient is Agapi

“Only food cooked with good energy and agapi can truly nourish and heal our bodies and souls. The presence of the heart over the presence of the mind is necessary when cooking from a place of joy. If you put love in your cooking you will give love to yourselves and others. Love conquers all”. — Maria Benardis

-Adopt the Use of Wholesome Ingredients and Make Conscious Choices

“Realize that your body is the garment of your soul and then you will preserve it pure. As he who wishes the best fruit must pay attention to the land, so must the greatest attention be paid to the soul if it is to produce fruits worthy of its nature”.— Pythagoras

-Listen to Your Inner Voice

“When looking for answers, tune into your own inner voice and tune out all other external chatter. You must quiet the mind and be still”. — Maria Benardis

-Everything in Moderation and In Harmony

“When combining ingredients or when seasoning a dish always exercise moderation and balance. Let each ingredient speak for itself. To do otherwise confuses the flavours and interrupts harmony. Too much of one ingredient can overpower the others so that you are not able to differentiate the flavours in the recipe. The dish will lose its relevance”. — Maria Benardis

-Discover Harmony and Simplicity in the Kitchen with Music and Colours

“Beauty of style and harmony and grace and good rhythm depend on simplicity”. — Plato

-An Absence of Judgement

“Judgement is based on the premise that something is wrong with the way things are and that they must be changed. We can only grow and cook humbly when we accept the way things are and learn to explore and learn from the experience. This way we will understand what food is right for us”. — Maria Benardis

-All In Good Time and Season

“Everything in its time and mackerel in August”. — Greek saying

-Eat in Peace, Calm and Joy

“Eat food that has conscious, good vibrational energy and that does not nourish you only physically but also spiritually and harmoniously”- Maria Benardis

-Have Faith and Gratitude

“You can achieve anything if you have belief, faith and gratitude”. — Maria Benardis

Cooking & Eating Wisdom for Better Health in addition to guiding readers to follow their senses  talks through case studies from Ancient Greece and the philosophies of the time, accompanied by recipes for modern twists on classic Greek dishes, such as her Kale and Quinoa Dolmades with Yoghurt Dipping Sauce. Positive affirmations are also included. Affirmations were used by the ancient Greeks to look at the world and life from a positive frame of mind and to promote healing within. The book explores some of the key ingredients and their healing benefits noted by Hippocrates and other ancients that were used by them in their cooking and in potions to heal health conditions.

I would like for people to take away some of the awakening words and wisdoms in the book that will empower them to cook with “agapi” (Greek word for unconditional love) and eat for health and longevity. The ancient Greeks had an emphasis on cooking spiritually rather than stressfully. When reading the pages my wish is for people to better connect with themselves and to awaken to their new inner potential and their of self healing.

I would also like to encourage people to use some of the ingredients show cased in the book for their personal healing.

Healthy eating and a healthy mind were the two key components practiced by the ancient Greeks to ensure healthy living and longevity – “Let medicine be thy food and food thy medicine. The natural force within each of us is the greatest healer of disease Hippocrates. Many people during these times lived up to the age of 200 years old a rare occurrence now days. We all have the potential to live long and healthy lives and this book will provide you with the know-how.

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