“Only food cooked with good energy and love can truly nourish and heal our bodies and souls.” – Maria Benardis

“If you put love in your cooking you will give love to yourselves and others”- Maria Benardis

When cooking it is important to be mindful and consciously aware of our energy before we go into our kitchen. Emissions of energy that is not harmonious and joyous can lead to imbalances in our emotional, physical and spiritual self. The energy in our food is directly related to our spiritual and physical well being. It will also affect others who consume the food that we cook. It is therefore vital to take care when cooking so that we share love, harmony and good health. These are the most important ingredients to bring into your kitchen and when cooking.

Your energy and the energy you take into the kitchen is absorbed by the environment and other energy beings including the ingredients. It is therefore important to become aware of how you feel and to take responsibility for the energy that you emit and if necessary to change it. If the energy that you give off is not one of love and joy then the dish will not be a loving, healing and harmonious.

We do not eat merely to top up the energy fuel tank in our bodies and for our physical well being. We eat to heal our spiritual well being and to nourish the soul. This energy is taken on by the ingredients and it forms a part of the recipe and the dish.

The Ancient Greeks believed and were aware that food and the energy (a Greek word “energia”) when cooking influenced the balance of the humours and ones well being. A philosophy we have forgotten in modern times.

Have you ever cooked when:

You were worried or fearful that the recipe will not turn out?

No recipe is correct because it is not written specifically for you, your bodies’ energies and needs. Why worry unnecessarily; change it.

Stressing whether you will get the dinner finished in time before your guests arrive?

Does it really matter if things are running a little late? Observe how slow snails travel and yet they always reach their destination.

-Had a bad day at work and not in the mood? Too tired too cook but still dragging yourself to the kitchen to prepare a meal?

Why not order take-out or eat out instead?

All these situations are not creating a happy environment to cook in. These experiences are also not bringing good positive and harmonious energy into your kitchen.

Energy and Ingredients

Energy and Ingredients

We should be free of stress, anxiety and fear. Change your mood by playing your favourite uplifting music or play the tambourine as I do. Remind yourself that you are cooking to nourish and replenish the energy and harmony of your mind and body. Make cooking a happy and joyous occasion. It’s a time to celebrate life.

We ultimately have a choice. We can choose to bring happiness and joy in our kitchen and our cooking or we can choose to bring unhappy and allow fearful energies into the kitchen which offers no benefit to our cooking or the way we feel.

We are ultimately responsible and in control of our health and well being.

The Greekalicious Cooking Mantra – “today I choose to bring loving and healing energy into my kitchen. I am a positive and joyful being and I care and respect myself and others. Everything that I will cook today will heal and nourish my heart and soul”.




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