Did you know that the word diet derives from the Greek “diaita”?  Meaning way of life. Dietetics has existed since the days of Hippocrates. It was a form of preventative method which helped the ill obtain good health in life.

In Ancient Greece a diet was about good health not radical weight loss programmes as it is often wrongly associated with nowadays. It was not as is in Modern times a pursuit which people followed often at a great cost to themselves in order to maintain a healthy body weight. In ancient Greece it applied to standard foods not specific foods with fancy and colourful labels to lure us in such as low-fat cheese and “lite” yoghurts. Unfortunately nowadays it has become nothing more than a money making business preying on unsuspecting people often to communicate false hopes and promises. These products and claims do nothing more than to temporarily place people on a radical or highly restrictive program of eating in order to lose weight.

In ancient Greece there was a focus of enjoying due measure in all foods and observing a “Mediterranean diet” type approach with exercise. An approach that was in harmony and in tune with peoples harmonies. Hippocrates also categorized food between hot and cold. Hot foods for cold weather were high in calories and diet of cold foods for hot weather low in calories. Food was prescribed for the cure of illnesses, to cheer the melancholy, or refreshing the passionate. The focus was on the balance and harmony for the body, mind and spirit.

Food is meant to nurture one not torture one. Comfort us and nourish us. Often when we have emotional challenges or we feel unworthy we turn to food as our comforting blanket. We can end up eating in excess and for the wrong purpose.

I struggled with my weight for many years. Food was my way of dealing with my childhood abuse and fears. Food became a protection mechanism and a way to feel protected and comforted. I tried many of these so called modern diets and temporary forgot what my ancient ancestors teaching on a diet were really all about. During these times it was difficult to recognize how to enjoy due measure with my food. Once I acknowledged the source of why I was disconnected and began to detox the associated emotions my way of eating changed. I awakened and recognized what was really going on with me and my relationship with food. I was truly awakened. My weight was dissolving with the love and self-care.

Me with some yummy Greek food

So what’s the secret?

1.Exercise due measure in all things with no excess – “Everything in moderation” – Oracle of Delphi “Nothing in excess” – Solon. There are no bad foods if eaten in moderation. Adopt a lifelong program of everyday healthy, loving and pleasurable eating.

2.Love yourself. Detox and diet your mind of all unfavourable emotions e.g. fear, worthiness issues etc No diet will fix your emotions. Ones fears must be faced first to dissolve the fat.

3.Moderate exercise. Do something you enjoy such as walking, yoga or hiking.

4.And finally we could all do with some encouragement along the way – My affirmation:

“I am a loving divine being. I am willing to release all my fears and need for my weight.  I am loved and feel loved. All is well in my life.” – Maria Benardis

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