“Words empty as the wind are best left unsaid.” – Homer

The Ancient Greeks acknowledged and believed in the power of words and thoughts. They strived to speak words that came from a space of agapi (unconditional love) energy.

The knew the adverse and karmic effect of negative talk such as gossip. I believe every word that comes out our mouth is a prayer. What prayer are you saying about yourself, your health and circumstances?

In Ancient Greece they used words in the form of affirmations for healing illness, attracting happiness and desirable outcomes. Affirmations were often used by Plato, Aristotle and other philosophers in ancient Greece.

Aristotle defined affirmations as ‘a positive assertion of something about something, a denial of a negative assertion … Every affirmation has an opposite denial, and similarly every denial an opposite affirmation’.

The importance of good thoughts was of extreme importance in ancient times. Plato was a great believer in that you became what you thought of. ‘Now there is only one way of taking care of things, and this is to give to each the food and motion which are natural to it. And the motions which are naturally akin to the divine principle within us are the thoughts and revolutions of the universe.’

Affirmations were used by the ancient Greeks to look at the world and life from a positive frame of mind and to promote healing. They are useful in keeping us on track and not losing sight of what we want to achieve in life, to heal and to focus on positive emotions. They provide us with a clear vision to pull us into the direction we want to go so we do not focus on the past and experiences that may not serve us in a positive way.

I have used the practice of affirmations in my life. They have greatly assisted me in keeping a positive frame of mind and help heal my illnesses.

Here are some examples of some affirmations I practice:

-I am loved and protected.
-I am healthy and happy.
-Good things come to me.
-I give myself permission to trust myself.

Words and thoughts have power so it’s important to become consciously aware of what we say and think.

Content from the book “Cooking & Eating Wisdom for Better Health”.

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