Join us for the Full Moon in Taurus, one of the signs ruled by the mighty Aphrodite. This Full Moon balances the gorgeous earthy power the Taurus Moon with the transformational power of the Scorpio Sun. Scorpio is associated with the butterfly that transforms into a creature of astonishing beauty and reminds us that claiming our unique inner and outer beauty is empowering and liberating! Claim your beauty and your power as we explore Sacred Beauty together. Come to this event like the butterfly, dressed in the color and beauty that empowers you. Astrologer Demitra Vassiliadis will explore the astrology of your adornment!

The event will include some ceremonial time that will include writing a sacred intention for love and beauty and guided meditation to connect with our gorgeous empowered future selves.

Maria Benardis will share how we can balance our chakras to introduce the Goddess in her many manifestations. We will also learn how to harmonize the various chakras to attain optimum mind, body and spirit by adopting a high vibrational mind-food diet; an Ancient Greek “wisdom diet” that will nourish each chakra to manifest and awaken your inner Aphrodite Goddess. We will explore foods and mind medicine that will embrace your outer beauty and allow your natural beauty from within to flourish.

Sat 4 November 2017 from 6-8pm at COCO-MAT 49 Mercer street New York, NY 10016. Ticket Price $20.

Bookings are essential. Bookings can be made at the below link: