The Health Empowerment Grocery Shopping Tour is perfect for those who want to understand and to empower themselves to confidently navigate the grocery store and buy real healthy food. Grocery stores are loaded with processed foods made with chemicals, pesticides, genetically modified, artificial and other harmful ingredients. Many products also make false health claims. Did you know that “100% All Natural”, “Low fat” and “Low Carb” mean NOTHING?

The Health Empowerment Grocery Shopping Tour will explore the shelves and will help you navigate and learn how to become a conscious expert healthy shopper.

You will:

-empower yourself to confidently navigate the grocery store and make conscious healthier choices

-understand food labels and health claims

– discover how to read labels in order to buy foods that supply you with energy and boost your metabolism

-be able to identify the chemicals, food additives and other toxins in your food

-be able to determine what is healthy and what is hype

-discover the truth about what you have been eating and how to make healthier choices

-learn about healthy foods and ways to incorporate them in your life

-loads of cooking and health tips and tricks

-how to save money by buying seasonal

The Health Empowerment Grocery Shopping Tour is run by Maria Benardis a Health and Wellness Coach, Intuitive Chef, Gourmand Award Winning cook book author, motivational speaker and Founder of Greekalicious.

This tour consists of a 1 hour trip to a local grocery food store with me. You will also receive a variety of practical and helpful handouts including a grocery shopping guide and a guide to foods and practices that support you on your path to vibrant health.

 June 25th

July 1st