Tuesday 20 June – 6.30pm – 8.30pm – $30 plus guests receive a gift bag with beauty items valued over $100

Beauty is both our natural and transcendent state of Being. We are born into a breathtakingly beautiful cosmos and are imbued with that Sacred Beauty at every level of our being. Join us for an evening of reawakening to both inner and outer beauty. Together we will explore how we can take Beauty as a reliable guide to lead us to joy, peace, love and connection to the Divine.

We will explore the awesome power of the Mighty Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Beauty, aka the planet Venus, and her ability to awaken us to what we cherish and value the most. Spiritual Astrologer Demitra Vassiliadis will explore how Venus, the planet of Love and Beauty manifests through each sign, and how by connecting with Beauty, authentic self-expression, deep healing of our sense of self-worth and our precious regard for others all occur. We will explore how to take Beauty as a reliable guide to life of joy, bliss and spiritual awakening. Together we will explore the breathtaking power of beauty to awaken and delight us on all levels.

Maria Benardis will share how we can balance our chakras to introduce the Goddess in her many manifestations. We will also learn how to harmonize the various chakras to attain optimum mind, body and spirit by adopting a high vibrational mind-food diet; an Ancient Greek “wisdom diet” that will nourish each chakra to manifest and awaken your inner Aphrodite Goddess.

With Maria Miliotis you will discover how to embrace your outer beauty and allow it to flourish with some ancient Greek beauty treatments and remedies that can be easily made at home. She will explain the importance of all the senses pertaining to each goddess for organic skincare and the use of natural make-up including tips that she learned from her heritage. Color therapy, the use of essential oils and how to bring out your natural beauty with some of her professional tips.

The price includes a gift bag with beauty related items values over $100.

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