The word “diet” comes from the ancient Greek “diaita,” which means “the way of life.” In Ancient Greece, a diet was about good health of the mind, body and spirit. All three components must be addressed and brought into harmony! You cannot just focus on one component!

My book, Cooking & Eating Wisdom for Better Health, empowers people with the Ancient Greek diet tools and know-how of how to heal and maintain optimum health of the body, spirit and mind. I also have a course that provides with all the tools and practices you need to heal and transform your life. Tools and Practices I adopted to heal and not become a cancer statistic like the rest oof my family.

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One component of the Ancient Greek diet requires a harmonious mind.

Those who approached the Oracle at Delphi were encouraged to have “good thoughts”. “Medicine is woven into the stuff of the mind.” — Hippocrates An excess of unhappy or toxic thoughts can cause an imbalance in the body and lead to many illnesses. Inner balance and agapi cannot coexist with worry, stress, anger, frustration, fear, anxiety and competitiveness. These feelings or experiences do not create good feelings or good energy when cooking, eating or making decisions in life. Ultimately, we are responsible for our health and well-being, so it’s important to substitute fear with faith. There is no fear in 4D and beyond.

Many years ago I met an amazing woman; Louise Hay at one of her Hay House Conventions. There I discovered a book she wrote; “Heal Yourself”, that resonated with me. She validated everything the Ancient Greeks preached in terms of the link between our emotions and imbalances in our body. She also practiced as the Ancient Greeks did affirmations. As discussed in my book “Cooking & Eating Wisdom for Better Health”, Aristotle wrote extensively on affirmations and the Ancient Greeks practiced affirmations. As the ancient Greeks believed heal your emotions and you heal the ailment and illness.

Louise Hay created a unique table in which each disease corresponds to a certain thought, life attitude, physical illnesses and their respective root causes at the psychological level.

I have reproduced some of it below for some of the common illnesses and attached to each one is an affirmation. Use this as a guide and remember to always go within to the “know thyself” and seek your answers from Mother Father God.

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Extracts from the Table:

Alcoholism – Everything is meaningless. A sense of the frailty of existence, a sense of guilt, inadequacy and self-denial. I live in the present. I’m making the right choice. I love and appreciate myself.

Allergic reactions  (see also: hay fever). Who are you allergic to? Denial of one’s own power. The world is safe and friendly. Nothing threatens me, I am in harmony with life.

Anorexia- (see also: Loss of appetite). Denial of life. Exaggerated fears, self-hatred and denial of oneself as a person. I’m not afraid to be myself. I’m beautiful the way I am. My choice is life. My choice is joy and self-acceptance.

Pain Guilt. Desire to punish yourself. Feeling of own imperfection. The past has sunk into oblivion. My choice is to love and approve of myself in the present.

Arthritis (see also: Joints). Understanding that I never loved. Criticism, contempt. I am love itself. I have now decided to love myself and treat myself with love. I look at those around me with love.

Asthma. Crushed love. The inability to live for yourself. Suppression of feelings. I am not afraid to become the master of life. I chose to be free.

Anxiety, anxiety. distrust of life. I love myself and treat myself with approval. I trust the process of life. I don’t feel fear.

Insomnia. Fear. Distrustful attitude towards life. Guilt. I joyfully say goodbye to the past day and plunge into a peaceful sleep, knowing that tomorrow will take care of me.

Sore throat (see also: Tonsillitis) Inability to speak out. Repressed anger. Inhibited creativity. Reluctance to change yourself. What a great way to make sounds. I freely and joyfully express myself. I can easily speak for myself. I express my creative self. I want to constantly change.

Diseases of the tooth, dental canal. Unable to bite into anything. No convictions. Everything is destroyed. Teeth symbolize the ability to make decisions. Indecision. Inability to analyze ideas, make decisions. I have laid a solid foundation for my life. My beliefs support me. I make the right decisions and feel confident knowing that I am always doing the right thing.

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Diseases of the knees. Stubborn self and pride. Failure to yield. Lack of flexibility. Forgiveness. Understanding. Sympathy. My flexibility allows me to move easily through life. Everything is fine.

Cyst, tumor, mastitis. Excessive maternal care, desire to protect. Taking on too much responsibility. I allow others to be who they are. We are all free and nothing threatens us.

Diseases of the respiratory system (see also: Attacks of suffocation, Hyperventilation). Fear or unwillingness to take life to the fullest. Feeling that they have no right to occupy a place under the sun and even exist. I am by birthright living a full and free life. I deserve love. My choice is a full-blooded life.

Liver disease (see also: Hepatitis, Jaundice). Constant complaints. Looking for flaws to deceive yourself. Feeling not good enough. I want to live with an open heart. I’m looking for love and I find it everywhere.

Diseases of the kidneys. Criticism, disappointment, failure. Shame. Reaction like a small child. Guided by Providence, I do what is right in life. And I get only good things in return. I am not afraid to develop.

Back pain:

Lower section. Fear of having money. Lack of financial support. I trust the process of life. Everything I need will be given to me. I’m safe.

Middle department. Guilt. The inability to part with the past. Desire to be alone. I part with the past. I am free, I can go on radiating love.

Upper department. Lack of emotional support. Confidence that is unloved. Holding back feelings. I love myself and treat myself with approval. Life supports and loves me.

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Alzheimer’s disease (see also: Dementia, Old age). Unwillingness to perceive the world as it is. Hopelessness and helplessness. Anger. There is always a new opportunity to experience life more fully. I say goodbye to my past. I begin to live happily.

Crohn’s disease (inflammation of the small intestine). Fear. Anxiety. It doesn’t seem to be good enough. I love and appreciate myself. I do everything in my power. I’m beautiful. I’m fine with myself.

Parkinson’s disease (see also: Paralysis). Fear and a strong desire to control everyone and everything. I am in a relaxed state, because I know that nothing threatens me. Life has turned its face to me, and I trust it.

Pain (aching). The thirst for love and the desire to feel support nearby. I love and appreciate myself. I am worthy of love.

Pain (acute). Guilt. Guilt is always looking for punishment. I hold no grudge against the past and renounce it. Everyone around me is free, and I am free too. There is only kindness left in my heart.

Rashes (see: Colds, Herpes simplex). Halitosis (see also: Bad breath). Destructive attitude, dirty gossip, dirty thoughts. I speak softly and lovingly. I breathe good.

Eye diseases (see also: Barley): Rejection of what happens in life. From now on, I create a life that will be nice to look at.

Ulcers (boils) (see also: Carbuncles). A violent manifestation of anger and anger. I am love and joy. I live in peace and harmony.

Headache (see also: Migraine). Self rejection. Critical attitude towards oneself. Fear. I love and appreciate myself. I look at myself with eyes full of love. I’m not afraid of anything.

Throat. Way of self-expression. Creativity channel. I open my heart and sing the joys of love.

Influenza (see also: Diseases of the respiratory tract). Reaction to negative environment and beliefs. Fear. Trust the numbers. I’m above group beliefs and don’t trust numbers. I was freed from all inhibitions and influences.

Depression. Your fits of rage are unfounded. Complete hopelessness. The fears of other people, their prohibitions do not excite me. I create my own life.

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Diabetes (hyperglycemia, diabetes mellitus). Frustration over missed opportunities. Thirst to keep everything under control. Deep sadness. Every moment of life is filled with joy. I welcome today with joy.

Stomach. Retains food. Digests ideas. I easily “digest” life.

Itching. Desires that go against character. Dissatisfaction. Remorse of conscience. Passionate desire to leave or run away. I am at peace where I am. I accept everything that is due to me, knowing that my needs and desires will be met.

Overweight (see also: Obesity). Fear, the need for protection. Fear of feelings. Insecurity and self-denial. The search for the fullness of life. I am at peace with my feelings. I’m safe. And I create this security myself. I love and appreciate myself.

Stroke (impaired cerebral circulation). Hands go down. Unwillingness to change: “I’d rather die than change.” Denial of life. Life is constant change. I easily get used to new things. I accept everything in life: past, present and future.

Cyst. A constant return to a painful past. Cultivating resentment. False path of development. My thoughts are beautiful because I make them so. I love me.

Blood pressure:

High. Old emotional problems. I am happy to let go of the past. I live in peace and harmony.

Low. Lack of love in childhood. Defeatism. Feeling the senselessness of any action. I decided to live and enjoy the present. My life is full of joy.

Lungs: The ability to breathe life. I take from life exactly as much as I give.

Wrinkles. Wrinkles on the face are the result of bad thoughts. contempt for life. I enjoy life and enjoy every moment of my day. I became young again.

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Addiction. Escape from yourself. Fears. Failure to love yourself. I realized that it’s beautiful. I love myself and admire myself.

Migraine (see also: Headache). Reluctance to be led. You meet life with hostility. Sexual fears. I relax into the flow of life and let it give me everything I need. Life is my element.

Mental disorder (mental illness). Escape from family. Departure into the world of illusions, alienation. Forced isolation from life. My brain is used for its intended purpose and is a creative expression of the Divine Will.

Nervousness. Fear, anxiety, struggle, haste. distrust of life. I’m on an endless journey into eternity. I have a lot of time ahead of me.

Nasal congestion. You don’t realize your importance. I love and appreciate myself.

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Baldness (baldness). Fear. Voltage. Trying to control everything. Distrustful attitude towards life. I’m completely safe. I love myself and treat myself with approval. I have confidence in life.

Obesity (see also: Overweight): Very sensitive nature. You often need protection. You can hide behind fear so as not to show anger and unwillingness to forgive. My shield is the love of God, so I am always safe. I want to improve and take responsibility for my own life. I forgive everyone and build life the way I want. Nothing threatens me.

Tumors. Savoring old insults and blows, cultivating hatred. The pangs of conscience are getting stronger. Erroneous computerized stereotypes of thinking. Stubbornness. Reluctance to change obsolete templates. I forgive easily. I love myself and bring joy with beautiful thoughts. I lovingly let go of the past and think only about what is ahead of me. Everything is fine. It is not difficult for me to change the program of the computer – my brain. In life, everything changes, and my brain is constantly updated.

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High cholesterol (atherosclerosis). Blockage of the channels of joy. Fear of feeling joy. My choice is the love of life. My channels of love are open. I’m not afraid to accept love.

Increased appetite. Fear, the need for protection. Condemnation of these feelings. I feel safe. I’m not afraid to feel. I have normal feelings.

Shoulders. They represent our ability to endure life’s circumstances with joy. Life becomes a burden to us as a result of our attitude towards it. I decided that from now on all my experiences will be joyful and full of love.

Right side of the body. Distributes, releases male energy. Man, father. I easily and effortlessly balance my masculine energy.

Prostate. The personification of the masculine. I appreciate and enjoy my masculinity.

Acne (see also: Acne, Ulcers). Small outbursts of anger. I am calm. My thoughts are serene and bright.

Psoriasis (see: Skin diseases). Fear of resentment. Don’t think about yourself. Refusing to take responsibility for your feelings. I enjoy the joys that life gives. I deserve the best in life. I love and appreciate myself.

Cancer. Deep wounds, resentment. ingrained contempt. Secrets and deep sadness devour the soul. Eating hate. Everything is meaningless. I say goodbye to the past with love. I decided to fill my life with joy. I love myself and treat myself with approval.

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Heart: (see also: Blood). The focus of love and security. My heart beats in the rhythm of love.

Back. Represents the support of life. I know that life always supports me.

Fibroma and cyst (see also: Gynecological diseases). Relish the grievances inflicted by a partner. A blow to the female “I”. I free myself from the stereotype formed by these experiences. In my life that I create, there is only room for the good.

Chronic diseases. Reluctance to change yourself. Fear of the future. Feeling of danger. I want to change and develop. I create a secure new future.

Thyroid gland (see also: Goiter). Humiliation. “I have never been able to do what I love. When will my turn come?” I ignore inhibitions and express myself freely and creatively.

Eczema. pronounced antagonism. A torrent of thoughts. Harmony and peace, love and joy surround me and live in me. I am safe and under His protection.

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