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In this recipe book there are over 60 recipes passed between the generations, you will find some classics such as deep fried calamari, rice pudding, bougatsa, traditional Greek lamb and keftedes, regional dishes from around Greece and some modern adaptations of traditional dishes – Chocolate Loukoumades (Greek doughnuts) and Kangaroo with trahana and honey caramalised onions.

Alongside are detailed notes on each recipe sharing stories, mythology and historical context of the dish or ingredient. Also featured are the healing benefits noted by Hippocrates and other Ancient Greek philosophers. The stories will connect you and take you on a journey of discovery and revelations – a Grecian Gastronomical Journey.
Written with passion and photographed, “My Greekalicious Feast follows the release of Maria’s published book “My Greek Family Table” (Penguin) which won the GOURMAND world cookbook awards 2009 – Best Mediterranean cuisine book in Australia.

All dishes are cooked with Love and Harmony.
Gastronomy, an Ancient Greek word, signifies the relationship between the senses and food, and exemplifies the attitude of the Greeks to life and food.

The ingredients and methods of the Greek kitchen established itself more than 3,000 years ago. These simple methods have characterised the original and unique flavours of the best Greek cookery. As an example, an enduring tradition is portable cooking being shared in a courtyard.

History records many Greek cooks in ancient times, such as Thimbron the Athenian, Archestratus (who penned the first known cookery book), and Soteriades the Sage, who claimed he prepared different dishes for different moods and ages – the young, the lovers, the older men and the ancient philosophers.

Famous cooks also found refuge in monasteries. Therefore, it is not at all unusual that we still find many Greek monasteries producing wines, cookery books and other produce. The cook in antiquity held low status, but the best chefs operated competitively and were often hired out to the homes of rich. This eBokk explores this rich culture.
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